How to create a cryptocurrency 

Hello friends and welcome to all of you. You have understood by looking at the title of this article that today we are going to talk about how to create a cryptocurrency

So in this article we will know that


What is the cryptocurrency ?

How its work ?

Types of Cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency legal ?

How to create a cryptocurrency ?

So let's start. So firstly we will know what is cryptocurrency

What is the cryptocurrency ?

We are here to tell you the complete information about cryptocurrency, if you already know about cryptocurrency, you can skip this part and go down and learn how to create a cryptocurrency

So let's now know about cryptocurrency

How To Create a Cryptocurrency

Every country has a unique currency that runs the economy of that country, such as the US dollar. Similarly, cryptocurrency is also a unique currency that is in digital form. For this reason, we cannot touch cryptocurrency with our hands. Because it is in digital form

Cryptocurrency is created by cryptography technology, it is a currency using a distributed laser system.This currency is served by the blockchain.

This currency is designed in such a way that it is safe and secure for a long time. This currency uses cryptography, which is why it is called cryptocurrency.

Now you must be thinking how cryptocurrency works

How cryptocurrency works ?

The main function of cryptocurrency is to transfer money from one computer to another computer and all this is possible through blockchain.

Now you must be thinking what is blockchain

Blockchain acts like a bank. In which the transactions remain store. Due to which there is less chance of fraud. This makes sense of how important blockchain is.


Now the question in your mind will be who will provide security to this blockchain technology. So it is protected by a very high power computer.

Now suppose you need some cryptocurrency and you bought a currency. So where will it be collected? A cryptocurrency exchange is created for this. It is like a cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency exchange is actually a program. In which public and private cases are stored. It allows users to send and receive digital currency.

Now it comes to how cryptocurrency started in the world

This currency is since the beginning of the Internet. But at that time no one had knowledge about this digital currency. If we talk about the 90s, at that time people were trying to understand the Internet.
But at that time there were some intelligent people who fully understood the Internet.

The cryptocurrency is protected by cypherpunks cryptography technology. So that its users can easily transact money and there is no error

After all this information, everyone will be desirous to know how to create a cryptocurrency
But you have to learn a little more about this currency

Types of cryptocurrency - Top 5 most popular cryptocurrency

Bitcoin :

Bitcoin comes to mind as soon as we hear cryptocurrency. Now the question comes, what is bitcoin and how much is its value. So friends as we know that the value of 1 $ is about 76 Rs, similarly the value of 1 bitcoin is 7,29,084 Rs.


Bitcoin is the first and most expensive currency of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency in the world. This currency is made by Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody came to know about Satoshi Nakamoto who lives where

Bitcoin is called BTC in short. Bitcoin is an expensive currency whose value varies. Today, the value of 1 BTC is about 9664.48 USD.

Similarly, Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency. Which is protected with the help of cryptography

Ethereum :

Ethereum is at number 2 in cryptocurrency. It is represented by eth in short. It is an open source de-centralized computing platform based on blockchain. The founder of this cryptocurrency is Vitalik Butyrin.

Two versions of this cryptocurrency are available. In which the first Ethereum Classic is called ETC in short. And the second Ethereum which is called ETH in short

The Ethereum Classic is the most famous coin in the both coins.

Now what is the value of these coins. What is its market price? The value of 1 ETH is approximately equal to 213 $ and the value of 1ETC is approximately equal to 6.65 $.

Litecoin comes after ethereum. Light Coin is also a cryptocurrency. Which we cannot touch. Because it is a digital currency that is in digital form only

Litecoin :

Litecoin is almost the same as bitcoin, as it is also de-centerlized and operates under peer to peer technology. The coin was launched in October 2011 and was started by Charlie Lee.


charls lee was an employee of Google company at that time.This coin uses script algorithm in the mining process.

The value of 1 Litecoin is about 44 US $. Which is possible that can go ahead
We think the entire cryptocurrency is based on a computerized algorithm.

DasCoin :

DasCoin started this way. These people compared bitcoin to a dog, but later this company itself became a cryptocurrency.


The founder of DasCoin is Michael Mathias. The Cryptocurrency's  Today's value is approx  197M US $

Mining in this coin also happens very soon.

The market value of dascoin is very low, as it is not as popular cryptocurrency as bitcoin. Its value 1 Dascoin = 0.17 US $

Fair Coin :

FairCoin is a cryptocurrency. We cannot touch it with our hands because it is in digital form

FairCoin which is called Fair in short. Blockchain is also used in a coin called fir. From this you can understand how famous blockchain technology is.


FairCoin is also a very famous coin. Its market value is also very high and 1 FairCoin equals about 0.038285 US $.

So far you have seen the top 5 most famous cryptocurrencies. Now the question in your mind is, is cryptocurrency legal

Is Cryptocurrency Legal ?

Cryptocurrency is legal in some countries and some countries are also illegal.
Cryptocurrency is legal if seen. In this, you can invest in any coin and when the price of the coin starts rising, you can sell it.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal

But nowadays anyone can create a cryptocurrency, due to which people will invest in any cryptocurrency and may be cryptocurrency fraud

Fraud has become a common practice in cryptocurrencies. So now it comes to How to avoid this fraud

To avoid cryptocurrency fraud, first of all invest in a famous or famous cryptocurrency and if you are investing in a new cryptocurrency, then take full details about how long the cryptocurrency is from, what is its value, how many people have it Invested, trustable or not. By checking all this you can avoid getting cryptocurrency fraud

Now after this we will know How to create a cryptocurrency

How to Create a Cryptocurrency

There are 2 methods to create your own cryptocurrency and both methods are quite popular. Both methods are quite simple and easy

How To Create A Cryptocurrency

Later on we will learn both the methods ,but before that we will know whether to invest in cryptocurrency or not. So far no one has such knowledge about this currency, if you know this currency well then you can invest in it.

How to create a Cryptocurrency

First let's talk about method 1

First Method :

In the first method, your cost may be around 200 $ to 250 $.And you will have your own coin

And you will have your own coin, from which you can earn a lot of money. Yes you can make a coin and earn a lot of money from it

Your investment will be more in the second method, but the term of the second method will be longer.

On the internet, we get to see a new coin daily, but not every coin can be successful, so do not invest on any coin without studying.

In the first method, you don't have to do anything, just search in Google or anywhere, contact MLM's website and they will give you the website, they will give you the software, and give name your coin anything, just you You have to keep your identity head in it so that no one knows that who is operating it.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency

In this method you have to make your coin viral, so that people will invest more and more in it. But the road map of such coins runs for more than 2 to 5 months, because as long as the money comes in it, then it runs, once the money stops coming, it does not even last for long.

Once the value of the coin is 0 then the operators show an error on the site saying that we lost all the data, now we can do nothing
And the operator who was there goes to fraud

Making this thing does not mean that you can also fraud. It was just to secure the people

Now let's talk about second method

Second Method :

This method works legally. There is no rollover of goverment in it. In this method you will need programmers, servers, repositories where your database will be stored, give name to  your coin and then submit your coin to for review. After this you will have to setup exchanges

Or you can also hier any website which will do all this work automatically, for that website will charge you

But if you want to do all this yourself, then you will have to setup everything, create repositories from GitHub, create servers, name the coin, set its price, then submit your coin in the last

i hope you like this information

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